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About us

About Us

At Four Seasons Legacy Investment we are focused on Real Estate investment for both Nigerians in the diaspora and homeland. The company is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission and operates from its headquarters’ based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our primary objective is to provide a fraud-proof process that gives prospective clients in the diaspora peace of mind as they invest in the Nigerian Real Estate sector. Our target clients are Nigerians based in different parts the world such as USA, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, China etc.


Four Seasons Legacy’s reputation is built on the integrity of its executive board, profound knowledge of the Real Estate industry and more importantly, the ability to leverage its relationships with leading Real Estate developers in Nigeria and abroad. The company’s cutting edge and innovative approach creates the right market appeal which ultimately prompts clients into action.


Our mission at Four Seasons is to help Nigerians in the diaspora and at home accomplish their dreams of owning quality homes both in Nigeria and Abroad. We focus on removing the pain and bottlenecks out of the home owning process therein creating Real Estate Investment opportunities designed to directly benefit prospective clients.

Business Model

Four Season builds a network of relationship for the purpose of providing clients top of the line products in real estate projects in different parts of Nigeria. We bring all the parties together from the local developers to the foreign and local banks, and quality assurance professionals and engineers that will verify and ensure the projects are done with 100% degree of excellence.
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